SSL_Module trouble while using CertBot

Are you having trouble setting up SSL using Certbot? Lets figure out your ssl_module issue and get your site secure again!

I was having a lot of issues because of the following two error messages…

Could not find ssl_module; not disabling session tickets.

Could not find ssl_module; not installing certificate.
Certbot failing due to ssl_module

I had googled this multiple times, with search queries such as: could not find ssl_module; not installing certificate and could not find the answer! It turns out that the answer was really simple!

You just have to run the below command and it will fix everything!

sudo yum install mod_ssl

This is the command for CentOS. The install command could be slightly different for you if you are using a different Linux distro.

You may have to use apt-get instead of yum if you aren’t using a Red hat based distro.

Once I ran the above command and installed the SSL module we were off to the races!

SSL Module installation

At this point, I was able to run Certbot again and it ran correctly! That’s all there was to it!

Certbot running successfully

The command I used to run certbot is listed below but it was a very simple command. Just sudo certbot –Apache but just in case that helped, I figured I would list it too

Sudo Certbot --Apache

Thanks for reading! I hope this helped! I was stuck on this for about an hour… Hopefully this got to you early in your search!

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  1. asd
    Worked for me. Thanks a lot!
    • Darkspy13
      You are welcome!
  2. Ari
    Thanks :)
  3. Gallaogs
    Thanks for posting this, very helpful! Also worked for me with one caveat, had to reload httpd to get the associated ssl files to reload. see:

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